The Jaltest diagnosis tool allows to perform multibrand and multisystem diagnosis.
The development on the specific field of Buses, both city and long distance buses, has consolidated Jaltest as the best tool within this area. The specific treatment of the information, independent from the truck, as well as a diagnosis addressed to be used in this kind vehicle, make Jaltest an essential tool.
The application design, completely self-guided and intuitive, offers the following possibilities

Information on connectors

Jaltest informs you about which connector to use and its location on the vehicle. Location on buses by bodybuilder.


Recording and description of the errors registered on each of the control units. Automatic detection of the complete errors list on the systems integrated on the vehicle.

Actuation of Components

Possibility of interacting and sending orders on the different systems using Jaltest: such as fan activation, cylinders cutout, compression test and operational checking of the different mechanisms, etc.

Values Measuring

Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values at the same time. Information on the ranges of reference values.


Parameters. Configuration of the different parameters.

System Data

Information on the system configuration and ECU data.

Errors Clearance

Errors clearance on the control unit and turning off of failure lamps.

A rugged and reliable hardware which supports the different communication protocols such as OBD, OBDII, J1939, J1708, EURO IV, EURO V. SUPPORTS RP1210 PROTOCOLS Equipment leader in content due to its amount of technical and specific information on buses.
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