Remote diagnostics of vehicle

Know condition of your vehicle without the need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman – wherever Internet is available. We are the First Official Distributor of  VRDIAG, Vehicle remote diagnostics in the middle east (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen)!Our Store room Located in Dubai-UAE.

Carry out vehicle diagnostics, update the software of control units, run tests and calibrations, and share vehicle information with your partners remotely. Run all the usual diagnostics without actually going to the vehicle. You are going to spend your time not for the road, but for shooting your customer’s troubles. Diagnose the condition of vehicles remotely. No need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman. Reduce downtime thanks to knowing a failure in advance.

Vehicle Remote Diagnostics -server Vrds

Server VRDS

Held by a serviceman and can be connected to a computer via USB and to a VCI diagnostic device via the universal OBD-II cable. Works with the VRD-control software installed on the serviceman's computer.

Client VRDC

Held by the client and can be connected to the vehicle via the universal OBD-II cable. Supports Internet connection via wireless systems: GSM(4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi.

What is VRD system?

VRD system allows a serviceman to remotely assess the technical condition of a vehicle.

VRD system Mainly for Diagnostic Technicians.!

It works
You can diagnose your vehicle without a need to visit a service station or invite a serviceman.
One VRDS device for a group of vehicles
The VRD system diagnoses a group of vehicles using just one VRDS server device. However, the VRDC client device is required to be installed on each vehicle.
Flexible work system
Different VRDS server devices and VRDC client devices can switch between each other. But only within one account, for now.
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