Full Kit Tachograph programmer CD400 for analog and digital tachographs up to VDO DTCO 2.0

CD Concept

CD400 Tachograph Programmer Device is designed for verification, calibration and configuration of control devices i.e. tachographs installed on vehicles. It can be used as speed simulator for a tachographduring checking the speedometer and odometer.

✅ User Friendly

✅ Clear 4 Lines Menus 

✅ Training Not Required


Kits Included:

CA-DIGITAL Cable for digital tachographs
CA-MTCO-1 Cable for VDO MTCO 1324/1390
CA-1319 Cable for VDO Kienzle 1319
CA-EGK100 Cable for Motometer EGK100
FC-VR2400 Flat cable for VR2400
CA-K Cable for Kienzle 1314/1318
CA-CROCO Cable with crocodile clip for ground connection

Brand: CD Concept

Country of Origin: Belgium 🇧🇪

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It can perform many functions like Activation and deactivation of IMS, VDO, Odometer reset and mileage corrections, speed simulations, DTCS readings, Sensor pairing and so on. CD400 The only tester being able to reset the odometer and change the sender type on the VR2400

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