The ultimate Mercedes-Benz Truck Package!

Package Contains:


Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface – AVDI

02 ABRITES PROTAG Programmer – ZN003
03 ABRITES Distribution Box – ZN051
04 IR Adapter for Mercedes Actros – ZN075
05 ABRITES infra-red Key for Mercedes Benz trucks – TA69
06 Mercedes Actros jumper cable – CB022
07 ABRITES DAS Manager – MN031


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  • AVDI ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface
  • ZN003 ABRITES PROTAG Programmer
  • ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box
  • ZN075 IR Adapter for Mercedes Actros
  • CB022 Mercedes Actros jumper cable
  • MN031 ABRITES DAS Manager

The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI) is the latest version of our interface that allows the connection between our state-of-the-art software and your vehicles. The AVDI is the basis upon which the whole ABRITES products ecosystem is founded. On this basis you can build a bespoke package of solutions tailored to your needs. The basic package will give you access to a vast array of functionalities that will allow you to enter the world of automotive diagnostics with a minimal investment. Additional purchases will allow you to cover a range of functionalities that is often unmatched by OEM tools.

The basic diagnostics that can be performed are as follows:

  • Complete vehicle scan
  • Module identification – see all modules in the vehicle, complete with VIN and part numbers (where applicable)
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Live data display – see live data from the sensors in the vehicle in real time
  • Actuator testing – identify any possible issues in the car by performing actuator tests

Advanced functionalities:

  • Key programming – add a spare key or program keys in All Keys Lost situations
  • Module replacement – perform parts exchange, module renewal, module adaptation
  • PIN code reading – get information vital for key programming and module adaptation
  • Component security bytes reading – read bytes in order to adapt modules and learn keys
  • Cluster calibration – access the instrument cluster data
  • Engine Control Unit (ECU) programming – update the software to apply custom settings

The basic AVDI software allows the following procedures:

  • Key programming for all vehicles up to 2014 (including Clio IV)
  • Key programming for all Toyota vehicles produced up to 2018 (G-type keys (mechanical and smart keys) and H-type keys (only smart keys)
  • Key programming for all Honda vehicles up to 2022!
  • Porsche vehicles adaptation channels
  • SCN coding completely by OBDII and CPC modifications by OBDII for Mercedes-Benz vehicles
  • and many more!

The new generation Abrites PROTAG Programmer is the latest upgrade to our powerful key programming tool!
The ZN003 contains the full functionality of the ZN002 and expands its capabilities. With the PROTAG you can perform operations with keys and transponders, used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.
The ZN003 is durable and ergonomically shaped to provide additional ease of usage, equipped with 3 slots for different type of transponders. One of the slots is specially developed for the Mercedes-Benz truck keys. The design is optimised to eliminate transponder positioning error and maximise efficiency. PROTAG is ready to program all keys and transponders produced by Abrites, as well as a vast variety of OEM ones. It is the ultimate key programming tool for the professional locksmith.
PROTAG is user-friendly, efficient and reliant! The ZN003 is equipped with a USB Type C cable and battery so that you can always count on it. Also, a future extension for bluetooth connection and usage with iOS and Android devices is available.

Main PROTAG 2.0 features:

  • Key programming of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, VAG
  • Support for Mercedes-Benz infrared keys support
  • Support for Mercedes-Benz truck keys
  • Transponder/key cloning utility for multiple brands
  • Transponder and key low-level operation functions
  • Reset used OEM keys to virgin state ready for new programming
  • Programming key/transponder by dump of immobilizer system (included support of Mercedes Infrared keys FBS3)
  • Production of transponders and keys ready for programming to different immobilizer system (brand new empty transponders preparation for usage with different cars)
  • Remote control frequency scanning

The ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box is a proprietary set of cables and pins, allowing the AVDI to connect to different vehicles and modules, with CAN and K-Line protocols. It provides in-vehicle connection options, as well as bench and boot mode. It is very useful in reading/writing/updating numerous modules, together with the corresponding Abrites software. Very helpful with Mercedes, VAG, ECU Programming, and other software options. Automatically updated with all new functions and features immediately after launching.

The ZN051 includes:

  • CB401 cable set for bench connection to ECUs
  • CB402 extension cable for connection to AVDI
  • Built-in fuse relay
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Set of cables for different connections

The ABRITES DAS Manager for Mercedes-Benz trucks MN031 is a powerful license, developed by the Abrites team for procedures related to the vehicle’s Immobiliser. This functionality allows various procedures to be performed on the Mercedes-Benz truck range of vehicles. These include:

  • Spare key programming

for all infrared-based trucks up to 2020

Module replacement – EIS/EZS, ECU (MCM), TCU (TCM)

– Module reset (virgin)
– Read/write coding
– Personalisation
– Activation

For vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz truck range, which include (but are not limited to) Mercedes-Benz Actros, Arocs, and Antos models, as well as other vehicles from the range. The procedures require a few more ABRITES products, included in this package – TA69, ZN075, CB022, see more about them below!

The TA69 is an Abrites infra-red key, designed, developed and produced by Abrites for the Mercedes-Benz truck range. It can be programmed as a spare key or in an All Keys Lost situation. The key works at 433 MHz frequency and comes in a plastic key shell (no mechanical key blade included). In order to program the TA69, you will need the MN031 license, the ZN003 PROTAG Programmer, the ZN051 Abrites Distribution box, and the ZN075 used for password reading during key programming. In All Keys Lost situations the CB022 jumper cable is also required.

The CB022 jumper cable is used for resetting the EZS of Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks in All Keys Lost situations. It allows key programming for these vehicles when no working key is present.

The ZN075 infra-red adapter allows working on vehicles from the Mercedes truck range. The ZN075 allows extracting the password from the EZS of the truck when programming keys.

The Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) is the gateway to the full capacity of the ABRITES products. The AMS is an essential part of the ABRITES ecosystem and a crucial counterpart to the AVDI, providing access to the following:

  • All Online services
  • Latest software releases
  • Updates to existing functions
  • Promotional releases and updates

The AMS is valid for 12 months and renewal is due on the date this period expires. Bear in mind that all ABRITES special functions require an active AMS in order to be purchased and used.

The ABRITES Support Plan Service (SPS) is an annual subscription service which provides access to the ABRITES ticketing system. The Abrites Support Plan Service enables customers to receive support from the Abrites Support Team.
The Support Team analyse, detect, determine and provide possible solutions to issues that may occur while using the Abrites products.
The SPS works in a written form via the Abrites ticketing platform. Once the SPS is purchased, an account is created in the platform where all the problem solving takes place. If the customer is registered with an Abrites partner, the ticket submission is done exclusively by this partner and an individual account is NOT created.

The SPS subscription ensures the following:
Access to the Abrites Support ticketing system
Prioritised fast response from 2 hours of opening a ticket (9 AM – 6 PM GMT+2)
Unlimited quantity of cases
Undivided attention from a Support Team member

The ABRITES Tough case is the perfect solution when you need to be mobile with your tools and not worry about them. The ATC is made from extremely durable materials and holds certifications for water and dust resistance (IP67 – waterproof and dustproof). In addition to these features the cases can be submerged for longer periods of time (usually about 30 minutes under at least 1 meter of water). The ATCs come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. The Abrites Tough case is easy to load and carry, bringing you a solution for neatly storing and transporting valuable equipment and hi-tech instruments.


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