Intelligent and Advanced Testing Equipment and Devices Trading LLC (IAT Middle East) was established and registered in Dubai as a sister company of OTC Center (Osama Technial Center) was established in 2008 as a specialized and professional Technical center in Diagnosis and repairs Trucks using the Latest Technologies and advanced Devices In Diagnostics, programming and all electrical and mechanical repairs Managed under supervision of Qualified Engineers and Technicians with High experience and high efficiency.

IAT Dubai – UAE. was established in 2015 & at Same year we Established KSA Riyadh Branch (Trucks Experts Trading) & at 2021 we Established Egypt Branches (JALTEST Egypt – OTC Center) & at 2023 We Established New Branch at Jeddah – KSA (Trucks & Equipments Experts Co.). IAT and all Sisters Companys Became a leaders & Specialized companys, Owning of the Most important and Biggest Brands for international Manufactures For the Biggest European companys in This field of Diagnostic & Programing Tools, and Everything Related to Technology of Trucks and Equipments & Commercial Vehicles. We become one of the most important companys in this field in the Middle East and North Africa, with professional services For Supplying Tools, Practical and Theoretical Training and daily Technical support to all our customers and partners around the World.

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Jaltest by Cojali
Certified Partner in the Middle East & North Africa

COJALI Jaltest is the number one multibrand and multisystem diagnostics equipment in the automotive diagnosis  sector. We are the Exclusive Distributor of Jaltest Multi-Brand Diagnostics Technological Solutions in the Middle East (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen)!Our Store rooms Located in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai-UAE.



We offer a Estimate for Automotive Services with high quality Equipments


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IAT Engineers division has 5 years of experience in all phases of Automotive Field

We offer a Estimate for Automotive Services and will provide you with an actual quote

All of our Auto Mechanics, Staff Members are fully licensed, Eligible, bonded and insured.
Operating for more than 10 years, Earning a Good Reputation in Automotive services.

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High quality services

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