What is a tachograph?

Basically, a tachograph is a device that measures and records the speed and distance traveled by a vehicle.

The tachograph works to record the speed of heavy vehicles and the duration of their movement and stopping. The French call it a name meaning “the snitch” as it works to “treach” the movements of the vehicle owner and records the extent of his commitment to the maximum and minimum speed limits and the extent of his commitment to the mandatory rest period imposed by governments to avoid truck accidents. In Arab countries, it is called Khabas
In the past, an analog tachograph was used, in which data was recorded in the form of graphs on a paper disc.
Currently, there is a digital tachograph in which data is recorded on its built-in memory and also on the driver’s smart card.

The tachograph measures the speed and distance traveled by the vehicle by receiving and measuring the electrical signal coming from the speed sensor
(speed sensor) installed in the gearbox

tachograph programmer

How to calibrate a tachograph

Like any other measuring device, a tachograph needs to be calibrated, which means it needs to be configured in order to measure with the greatest accuracy.

For a tachograph, the parameter responsible for calibration is called the coefficient or variable (K). It expresses the number of electrical impulses that the tachograph should receive when the vehicle is driving one kilometer.

The coefficient (W) is a characteristic of a vehicle and represents the number of pulses the sensor (speed sensor) generates in a box
gears (gear box) when the vehicle is driving a distance of one kilometer.

The calibration process adjusts the parameter (K) of the tachograph to match the parameter (W) of the vehicle.

The most important operation of the tachograph programmer CD400 is to measure and read the parameter (W) from the vehicle and to program and write the parameter (K) based on this measured value.

The tachograph programmer CD400 also allows checking and making sure that the tachograph is working properly and correctly, programming and changing all other variables such as (mileage – sensor type – tire size – date – time – and many other things………)