One-stop solutions for heavy! IAT Middle East

In the bustling city of Dubai, a beacon of innovation emerged in 2008 – the Osama Technical Center (OTC).  Started as a specialized hub for diagnosing and repairing trucks using best technologies soon expanded its horizons to become the Intelligent solutions. This journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with IAT establishing itself as a leader in the field, transcending borders, and shaping the landscape of workshops, fleets in the Middle East and North Africa.

IAT Middle East traces its roots to the OTC Center, which was founded with a vision to revolutionize the heavy equipment industry. Over the years, the center evolved , a powerhouse that has been setting new standards in the field since its establishment in 2015. The expansion continued with the inauguration of the Riyadh Branch in 2015, followed by the establishment of branches in Egypt in 2021 and Jeddah in 2023, solidifying IAT’s presence across the region.

Pioneering Technologies:
At the core of IAT’s success lies its commitment to embracing the latest technologies. The company prides itself on being at the forefront of diagnostic and programming tools for trucks and commercial vehicles. With a team of qualified engineers and technicians boasting high experience and efficiency, IAT has become synonymous with One-stop solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of the heavy industry.

Building Partnerships:
One of IAT’s key strengths is its exclusive partnerships with major international manufacturers. Representing renowned brands such as Jaltest, Dimsport, AutoVEI, Cd Concept, and Abrites automotive solutions in the Middle East and North Africa, IAT ensures access to the most important and biggest names in the industry. This strategic collaboration has enabled IAT to offer a comprehensive range of tools and services, making it a go-to destination for workshops and service industries.

Comprehensive Services:
IAT Middle East goes beyond being a supplier; it is a partner in success for its clients. Providing a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients in the workshop equipment and diagnostic tools industry. From supplying tools to offering practical and theoretical training, IAT’s commitment to professionalism and innovation shines through.

IAT firmly believes in a collaborative approach, working closely with clients and partners to optimize maintenance programs and enhance productivity. The company understands that success is a shared journey, and by aligning with the goals of its clients, it contributes to the growth and efficiency of their organizations.

In a region where innovation meets tradition, IAT Middle East stands tall as a testament to what vision, commitment, and collaboration can achieve. The journey of IAT is a story of triumph, and the road ahead promises even greater milestones in the world of intelligent and advanced testing equipments.