Annual Maintenance Subscription


Annual Maintenance Subscription


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The Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) applies to all AVDI users worldwide and is the gateway to the full capacity of the Abrites products. The AMS is an essential part of the Abrites ecosystem and a crucial counterpart to the AVDI, providing access to the following:

  • All Online services
  • Latest software releases
  • Updates to existing functions
  • Promotional releases and updates

The AMS is valid for 12 months and renewal is due on the date this period expires. Bear in mind that all Abrites special functions require an active AMS in order to be purchased and used.

All Online Services for the following brands require an active AMS:

Access all the following functionalities with the basic AVDI software package with active AMS:

Adaptations through diagnostic channels
Key programming by diagnostic channel if the PIN is known

Guided functions for ECU, Instrument cluster, Navigation, Steering wheel, Electronic parking brake, Telephone, Comfort module and Body Control Module

Enable video in motion for MMI 2G and 3G

Electronic steering lock adaptation

7-digit to 4-digit PIN conversion
DPF remove by DUMP – EDC16 (checksum needed), EDC17
Key programming, mileage calibration and module replacement in VAG Immo III and III+ vehicles

Generate/save/write complete Vehicle Order

Key learning if required security data (ISN) is present (ZN002 PROTAG is required)

Disable/enable transport mode

Disable /enable keys

Key programming for all vehicles up to 2014 (including Clio IV)

Key programming for the SMART 453/ Renault Twingo III

Module adaptation by VIN change

Change Radio code

Advanced diagnostic – up to x95 (off line) ; up to Clio5 (on line)

– Factory level coding
– Change language
– Dongle reset
– many more


–    SOFTOUCH activation – switching from semi-automatic to automatic transmission

–    Key programming – models 450, 451, 452, 454
–    Key programming for the SMART 453/ Renault Twingo III
–    Emergency start – models 451, 454

–    Mileage calibration – both SAM module and instrument cluster

–    Gearbox adaptation

–    Cruise control activation

–    Reflashing and renewal of SAM module and SAM/ECM synchronisation

–    Key programming by dump (DAS 2/2a/2b)

–    Cluster calibration and adaptation for vehicles up to 2014

–    SCN coding completely by OBDII (no Xentry online account is required)

–    CPC modifications by OBDII:

VMAX limiter removal

Exhaust flaps adjustment

Torque limiter adjustment

–    SBC counter reset

–    Enable Video in Motion

–    Clear crash data from Bosch/Temic/TRW airbags up to 2010

Reading of EDC15 engine control units (ECU)

Change VIN in the BSI (does not include 2015+ Continental and 2016+ Delphi BSIs), Telematic/Radio, Airbag

Change PIN in the BSI and make the BSI virgin (current PIN must be known)

Key learning to all models if the PIN is known

Change Mode (customer/showroom) BSI 2015+

BSI backup/restore all config

BSI view/clear faults log (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline) and history logs

BSI service reset (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Set PIN ELV in BSI (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Verify/Set PIN in the Hands Free module in the BSI (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)

Emergency start if the PIN is known for vehicles with mechanical key (via ABRITES Diagnostics for PSA offline)


Adaptation channels

Guided functions
Change ID (VIN) in the modules


Spare key
All Keys Lost
For all vehicles up to 2022!

Key programming for all vehicles produced up to 2018 (G-type keys (mechanical and smart keys) and H-type keys (only smart keys)

Key identification and cloning

Reset and subsequent reuse of smart keys (ZN002 PROTAG is also required)

Service functions such as:

– Service reset

– Reset cylinder adaptations

– No speed limiter

– Change mode (normal, factory, transport, safety)

– And many more


Read/update Central Car Configuration

Read/write Data Flash and Program Flash for EDC15C2 and EDC16CP31 ECUs

Read the PIN Code from EDC15 and Kefico ECUs by dump

Instrument cluster calibration for instrument clusters with 93c56 EEPROM (2004-2008) – Accent, Vera Cruz, H1…

Airbag clear crash data and renew – RCM module with the following processor: XC23xx data flash for FORD/Mazda/JLR and Volvo, as well as TMS470 + EEPROM 25320/25640 for Ford/JLR

Key programming by OBDII
Transponders/Keys preparation by dump of Immobiliser
BCM – Configuration data read and update, PIN, component protection data
BCM Read/Update ConfData by OBDII
For models up to 2012

Spare key programming
ALL KEYS LOST key programming
Remote control and keyless programming
for vehicles up to 2018!
Mileage calibration for models up to 2014

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